Google has been trying to expand the availability of internet across the planet for years now. When the company isn’t trialing internet-delivering balloons, it’s installing Fiber and Wi-Fi in select cities. But the giant search company is looking to do even more with a new initiative dubbed Google Station, which aims to bring free Wi-Fi everywhere in the world.

Google Station was born out of the company’s partnership with Indian Railways, through which the company brought free Wi-Fi in railway stations across India. While planning to expand that effort, the company has now announced that it’s looking to go big. So big in fact that Google is opening up the program to the whole world, with the aim of bringing free wireless internet to cafes, universities, and lots of other public places everywhere.

The program is also looking for partners such as ISPs, infrastructure developers, large venues and organizations that are looking to give their patrons access to wireless connectivity. Google even says there will be a monetary incentive to do so for those that sign-up.

Google is by no means the only company looking to expand internet access around the world.Facebook is also famously doing so, and even governments and institutions are jumping on this bandwagon.

Here’s hoping this benefits communities and people around the world, once it starts truly rolling out internationally.