ConeX takes social media and cloud-based technology and connects them with the age-old idea of a business card. With ConeX you can create digital business cards to be shared with whomever you want. And because it’s digital you can share however many you want. This eliminates the expenses of businesses printing costs. With ConeX real-time updates, all you have to do is change your info on your card and it automatically updates all your contacts with your up-to-date information. Since it’s cloud-based even if you lose your phone you’ll never lose your business cards. And another cool feature is when using the app you can discover anybody worldwide, see their name, job title and company before deciding whether to share your card to them, instant networking.

ConeX International
Registered office: Leigh House, Weald Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4SX
T: 01277 236 200

Registered in England and Wales Company No.09743057