Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone and reach to give them a business card only to realize you don’t have any on you? Luckily there is a great solution called ConeX.

ConeX takes social media and cloud-based technology and connects them with the age-old idea of a business card. With ConeX you can create digital business cards to be shared with whomever you want. And because it’s digital you can share however many you want. This eliminates the expenses of businesses printing costs. With ConeX real-time updates, all you have to do is change your info on your card and it automatically updates all your contacts with your up-to-date information. Since it’s cloud-based even if you lose your phone you’ll never lose your business cards. And another cool feature is when using the app you can discover anybody worldwide, see their name, job title and company before deciding whether to share your card to them, instant networking.


In the past few years we’ve seen the use of paper products become obsolete, and technology has us staring at our phone screens 24/7. ConeX has given business men, women, owners etc. all an easy reliable app that has the potential to boost your business. Just imagine how many card’s you’ve obtainted and lost and how many partnerships you’ve missed out on or to be honest just forgetten about. With ConeX you never have to worry about misplacing or accidently throwing away a card, it’s all right there in phone. This app is ideal for tradeshows and conferences where thousands upon thousands of cards are exchanged, you can organize, store and find cards with ease.

ConeX is free to download and it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices so head to the app store and download it today.